Soil Plugs 50 count - Aerogarden Compatible


🌱 THE EZ-GRO SEED POD is a compatible replacement for Aerogarden seed pods

🌱 E Z-GRO SEED POD and grow sponges are made from sustainably produced coco coir and peat moss and is a compatible replacement for aerogarden sponges

🌱 USE THE E Z-GRO Sponges for Aerogarden in areo gardens refill pods and in the Aero garden kit. EZ-gro 4-3-6 Nutrients made especially for all Aerogarden models

🌱 OTHER E Z-GRO COMPATIBLE AEROGARDEN supplies include seed pod kits, seed pod refill kits and liquid plant food nutrients

🌱 E Z-GRO GROW SPONGES are excellent replacements for Areo Garden Kit Pods and Aerogarden Seeds Pods

SKU: 10-12-0004