House Plant Fertilizer 15-30-15 (1 pt)


Indoor Plant Food by E Z-GRO 15-30-15 (PT) | Liquid Plant Food for Your Indoor Plants | Our Liquid Fertilizer Increases Bud Set in Flowering | Our Indoor Plant Fertilizer has High Phosphorus Level

  • CONCENTRATED LIQUID FERTILIZER - Add to water for the most effective and accurate nutrient delivery system to your house plants
  • HIGH PHOSPHORUS CONTENT - Encourages rapid root development and increase bud set and bud count in the flowering stage
  • MICRONUTRIENT PACKAGE - provides for optimal nutrition for both roots and foliage
  • IDEAL FERTILIZER - E Z-gro 15-30-15 is made especially for the nutrition of your house plants.Its chelated micronutrients are more readily available to your plants
  • FREE MEASURING CUP - Included for precise and accurate application of our Professional 15-30-15 House Plant Fertilizer

SKU: 10-10-0010