Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer 15.5-0-0 (1 qt)


Calcium Nitrate by EZ-gro has 18% Calcium in Our Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer | Just What You Need to Stop Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes | A Favorite in Hydroponic Nutrients as a Calcium Fertilizer

  • IMPORTANT COMPONENT - of hydroponic fertilizers in hydroponics nutrients solutions
  • PURE FORM OF CALCIUM - is easily taken up by plant roots and is a good source of calcium for plants
  • CALCIUM SUPPLEMENT - E Z-gro 15.5-0-0 is a calcium fertilizer used to supplement calcium and nitrate nitrogen without micronutrients
  • USED TO - in hydroponic kits to raise the media pH and to reduce ammonium and sodium
  • BLOSSOM END ROT - calcium nitrate for tomatoes with its 18% calcium is used to prevent calcium deficiency that causes blossom end rot