African Violet Fertilizer 10-30-20 (1 pt)


HIGH QUALITY NUTRIENTS - EZ-gro African Violet plant food is formulated to deliver the perfect blend to produce deep green foliage, stocky stems, strong root and bud development and colorful blooms.
UREA FREE - African Violet plants live better in a urea free environment. Urea can cause ammonium toxicity in African Violets
ENHANCED MICRONUTRIENT PACKAGE - EZ-gro 10-30-20 African Violet fertilizer is blended with a Micronutrient Package which delivers the optimal nutrition for large beautiful blossoms
FEEDS INSTANTLY - Our concentrated liquid fertilizer feeds your african violet plants instantly to promote growth and greening, and its high phosphorus induces flowering
FREE MEASURING CUP - Included for precise and accurate application of our Professional 10-30-20 African Violet Fertilizer

            SKU: 10-10-0011