Aerogarden Fertilizer 4-3-6 (1 Pt)


EZ-gro Liquid Plant Food for Aerogardens (1 QT) | Hydroponic Liquid Fertilizer for Smart Garden | Liquid Fertilizer is a Replacement for Aerogarden Liquid Plant Food | Source of Hydroponic Nutrients

  • WORKS IN ALL - Aerogarden models and Smart Garden models as it is a compatible replacement for Aerogarden plant food
  • MORE THAN 100 FEEDINGS - 1 quart (32 FL OZ) will provide over 100 feedings of plant nutrients
  • ONE PART NUTRIENT SOLUTION - for seed starting, vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. All in one liquid plant fertilizer
  • CAN BE USED FOR - both indoor and outdoor plants and all hydroponic fertilizer applications
  • DISPENSER CUP - comes with an EZ to use dispenser cup with ml markings to deliver hydroponics nutrients

SKU: 10-10-0041