Aerogarden Compatible 12 Sponge Kit (Double Crop - 24 Total Sponges)


🌱 OUR GROW ANYTHING DOUBLE CROP KIT contains everything you need to grow 2 crops with the same kit (seeds not included)
🌱 DOUBLE CROP KIT INCLUDES: 24 grow sponges, 12 baskets, 12 domes, 12 no iron labels simply peel and stick,2-4 oz of specially formulated liquid nutrients
🌱 COMPATIBLE WITH ALL AEROGARDENS: EZ-gro Grow Anything Double Crop Kits will work in any Aerogarden.
🌱 TWICE THE SPONGES: means you can grow 2 crops with the same kit
🌱 EZ-gro PEEL AND STICK LABELS: means you do not need an iron, simply peel and stick our labels onto the plastic pod baskets

SKU: 10-27-0060