2-0-0 Cal Mag Fertilizer 1 qt


Cal-N-Mag Plant Supplement | Our Cal-N-Mag Supplement is a Calcium Fertilizer and Magnesium Fertilier | Stop Blossom End Rot with Cal Mag for Plants | 1 QT

  • Our Cal-N-Mag Supplement 2-0-0 is an Excellent Source of Calcium and Magnesium for Plants
  • Excellent Source for Plant Calcium used against Rot Stop for Tomatoes.
  • It is the Tomato Secret Fertilizer. Our Cal Mag Supplement is The Nutrient for Plants
  • EZ-gro's Cal-N-Mag Plus is the preferred Nutrients for Tomato Plants
  • PREVENTS COMMON GROWTH DEFICIENCIES: Apply Cal-Mag at every stage of growth for strong plants


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