EZ-Gro Microgreens Kit Grow Instructions


You're likely here because you purchased one of our Microgreen Grow Kits - thank you!

While our EZ-gro Microgreen Kit is the simplest kit on the planet to help you grow your own microgreens, there are some considerations that are important for you to be successful. 

1. Microgreens are sensitive to the pH of water.
The pH of your water is IMPORTANT. Microgreens grow best in a range of 5.5 to 6.0. Use distilled water if you don’t know the pH.

2. If your water pH is above 6 then just use store-bought distilled water.

3. Also helpful is to use filtered water to remove the chlorine from your water.
4. Make sure seed pads are wet.
After you have placed the pre-seeded grow pads into the grow tray, wait 30 minutes then place the 5x5 cardboard that came with the seeds onto each
pad and gently press down. This will ensure the seeds are in contact with moisture.

5. Cover the tray with the black-out cover (the cardboard cover with paper label on it). Keep this cover on for 3-4 days.
Microgreens need darkness to germinate. Once they germinate, the darkness will cause the young seedling to stretch, thus giving you a bigger harvest.

6. Remove the blackout cover on the 4th day and place near light.
A windowsill or kitchen lighting should work just fine.
7. On day 5 add more water to the tray if needed.
Do not fill above the halfway mark.
8. Microgreens are ready to harvest usually within 10-14 days, making them a very quick crop for gardeners.
9. Harvest when you see the first set of real leaves.
Once leaves appear, snip the microgreens just above the mat. Serve immediately for best flavor.
10. When you are ready to grow another crop, keep the two reusable black plastic trays and just reorder more pre-seeded pads.

Want to watch a video of the process?

Watch it below: