About Us

I started EZ-gro in 1984 with the sole intent of bringing the highest quality seeds, supplies, and fertilizers to every single home grower. Growing up on a working farm, I've seen first hand the world of agriculture and farming change and improve, and it became my life's long passion. After receiving my Agronomics degree from NC State in 1974, I created the first scientific agronomic program for growing greenhouse transplants, one that would become the industry standard.

I have spent over 4 decades researching agricultural and horticultural best methods, refining my products and narrowing down only the best regional and national distributors. With proprietary blends of unique fertilizers and the highest quality seeds and supplies, you can be rest assured that you're getting only the best quality home gardening products, or I wouldn't put the EZ-gro name on them.

You have my word.